Renaplast redy mix plaster

Renaplast Ready Mix Plaster

Ready mix cement plaster is a mix of high quality polymer additives and binders. This cement plaster is very strong and durable. It can be used on inner walls and outer walls. Renaplast is easy to use and gives a fine finish to the walls. We can assure superior finish and longevity with Renaplast Ready Mix Plaster. Our products go through stringent quality tests to ensure its life span

High Strength:

High Compressive and tensile strength increases masonry strength and load bearing capacity.

Saves Time:

Huge time saving can be observed for plaster work and completion of project. There is no need to mix individual materials like cement and sand.

Easy Application:

The material is premixed and only water has to be added on site. This makes the process of plastering much easier and quicker.

Minimum Cracks:

Shrinkage cracks are minimized as raw materials are tested and accurately mixed with speciic particle size and quantity.

Higher Coverage:

Due to lower density and high volume, it covers 20-25 sqft/ bag of 50 Kg with a thickness of 10-12 mm.


It provides smooth inish of walls in a single coat. Hence saves time and cost required for putty coating.


No site mix and blending of powder is required. Only water is to be added. Consistency: Due to the manufacturing process and accurate particle size distribution, the premix bags are delivered in consistent quality.

Hassle Free:

No hassle of maintaining mortar ratio, whereas in the conventional method labour and supervision is required to prepare the mix.

Minimum Wastage:

The wastage caused in the conventional site mix process while sand sieving and mixing material is totally avoided.


Easy to maintain stock as equal size packaging in bag form is provided. Maximum Period – 180 days from the date of manufacturing . Finish: Surface inish after application is excellent and equal due to best particle size grading

Area of application:

The application area should be free from oil, greese, silt and any other dust particles. Before applying the Renaplast the surface of the wall should be made wet with soft sponge.

Mixing of Renaplast:

Now take a dust free container filled with 9-11 litres of clean water and mix one bag of Renaplast ready mix plaster. Better result: To get better material mix instead of going for hand mix , suggested to use mechanical vibrator for even mixing level.

Usage method & pot time:

Use the paste before one hour from time of mixing by pasting the Renaplast on the surface horizontally and vertically. Then use the levelling mallet to bring even surface on the wall.

Process of Curing :

After plastering done, leave until the surface become dry and do curing for 2 times a day for next 3 days in normal weather condition. In case of abnormal weather curing to be done for 5 – 7 days.



 Maximum aggregate size

 2.5 mm Max

 Bulk Density

 1.7 – 1.8 Kg/Lit

 Silt content in sand





 3 months from the date of manufacturing


 Greyish Powder


 0.23 – 0.30 Kg/mm/Sq.ft


 5 – 7 Days

 Pot Life

 1 – 2 Hours

 Compressive Strength

 More than 8 Mpa in 28 days

 Water demand

 Mix 9-11 litres for 50 Kg Bag

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