Renacon AAC Block

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Renacon AAC Blocks is the leading brand of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks in South-India preferred by most builders and engineers. These eco-friendly blocks are durable, cost-effective and ensure faster construction using minimal time and resources. The brand is committed to satisfying a wide portfolio of clients with the best customization options, precise design and superior quality AAC blocks.

Renacon AAC blocks have proven to be the best solution for various small and complex building structures ranging from residential buildings like individual homes and multi-storied apartments to commercial structures like educational institutions, hospitals, and luxury hotels with over 5000 satisfied customers.

Renacon AAC Block

We trade Renacon AAC Blocks that are robust and safer than both conventional bricks and concrete blocks. 

These blocks are manufactured at high-end plants by combining aluminum powder with a blended proportion of lime, cement, quartz sand, water, gypsum, pulverised fly ash and quicklime (Calcium oxide). The prepared block is cured in Autoclave in high steam to reach its desired strength. Almost 80 - 85% of these blocks are composed of air and hence these building products are lighter in weight and larger in size than the traditional clay bricks.

Invented in Sweden in the 1920s as an alternative to conventional building materials with better properties, these precast concrete blocks have gained wide popularity in Europe and other countries around the world.

Properties of Renacon AAC Blocks

  • Eco-friendly manufacturing process.

  • High compressive strength of more than 35 kg to 40 kg per cm2 / 3.5 to 4.0 N/mm2, and can be used conveniently in all kinds of wall construction.

  • Three times lighter than traditional clay bricks.

  • Nine times larger than the size of red clay bricks; hence fewer joints, less cement usage.

  • High load-bearing capacity makes it an ideal choice for large, multi-storey building structures.

  • Provides excellent thermal insulation, thus reducing up to 30% of energy costs.

  • Doesn’t require curing and plastering of walls.

  • Earthquake resistant as per the study.

  • More masonry output reduces labour cost and construction time.

  • Can easily be nailed, drilled, and cut for pipes and conduits.

  • Sound-resistant - Great sound absorption quality due to the porous structure of blocks.

  • Available in custom sizes based on the requirement.

  • Fire and Water Resistant.

  • Easy installation.

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Fire Resistant

Thermal Insulation

Faster Construction

Acoustic Insulation

Building Accuracy

Light Weight

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